OxfoSys practice following processes for software application maintenance

  • The implementation procedure contains software preparation and transition activities, such as the conception and formation of the maintenance plan; the preparation for managing problems recognized during development; and the follow-up on product design management.
  • The problem and alteration analysis process, which is executed, once the application has become the responsibility of OxfoSys. Our programmer analyze each request, confirm it (by reproducing the situation) and check its validity, investigate it and propose a solution, document the request and the solution proposal, and finally, obtain all the required authorizations to apply the modifications.
  • Our process considers the implementation of the modification itself.
  • The process acceptance of the modification, by confirming the modified work with the individual who submitted the request in order to make sure the modification provided a solution.
  • We employ migration process (platform migration, for example) which is exceptional, and is not part of daily maintenance tasks. If the software must be ported to another platform without any change in functionality, this process will be used and our maintenance project team is likely to be assigned to this task.
  • Finally, the last maintenance process which we employ, also an event which does not occur on a daily basis, by this process, retirement of a piece of software is done.


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